The Kept Woman

Monarch Books #360 1963 thumbnail
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Monarch Books #360 1963
Monarch Books #360 1963 back

She Lived Like An Heiress — At Someone Else’s Expense

From the back:

What would you do if you suddenly inherited $5,000? Young Joanne Cotton decided to blow her inheritance in Europe be-fore settling down to the routine of marriage as Jack Ostrander’s wife,
So for a year she lived it up — in France. Italy, Germany, Spain and Greece. But $5,000 can only go so far. She was down to her last $300 when she met Mike Lapine, who offered to finance her for six months — until she found a job — in exchange for her bedroom talents.
So they went to Majorca and had a ball. Four months went by and Joanne hadn’t even looked for a job. And when Mike left her, she had to admit that the only talent she possessed was for sale to the man with the most money. Jo thought this was the “easy” way out… until she met Emil Rosenmacher, jaded old roué, who had his own offbeat plans for her many skills.


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