The Lecher


Her Lust-Crazed Passion Had Trapped The Father — Now She Wanted His Son!

From the back:

My Mistress And My Son…
were on the floor of her living room, making love, and I stood outside watching them, like a peeping Tom. Me, Frank Benton, who always tried to live like a good man, trapped by the white body and moist lips of an office slut! It was too horrible to consider, this girl who had ruined my life with her illicit sex, who had driven me from my wife and family for the maddening pleasures of adulterous hours in an empty furniture warehouse, now trapping the one person in the world I loved — my son. Ernie, a magnificent animal of a man who deserved a nice girl, caught in the web of lust that had caught his father. I knew I had to get rid of her, resist her passionate demands, and…
Kill The Evil Sexpot!


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