The Love Clinic

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53119657079 Novel Library 28, 1949

A Beautiful Captive In A Voluptuary’s Castle Of Strange Desires

From the back:

The Forbidden Acts Of Love
For what forbidden purpose did the amazing Dr. Hugo Schomberg lure the most beautiful women in the world to his fantastic love-clinic in the dark Bohemian forests? And what happened when a handsome young Parisian traced a missing Viennese beauty to this Palace of Eros?
A Lost Girl In A Harem Hideaway
Debonair Philippe Jacquemode left the warm arms of an American sweetheart to solve the riddle of Lila de Radetzky’s disappearance from a disreputable Vienna cabaret. Haunted by the vision of this innocent young girl dancing in the embrace of a strange, hard-faced man, Philippe never rested until he had found them together in the love-clinic!
Love-Slave Or Willing Woman?
In The Love Clinic, Maurice Dekobra, author of BEDROOM EYES, has brilliantly portrayed a man whom women called Master . . and a girl for whose body and soul a passionate war-of-love was fought behind forbidden walls and on the burning sands of North Africa!

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  1. You were right the first time… Ray Johnson. Ann Cantor ran an art studio and got copyright credit. However, many of the covers copyrighted to her have the actual artists’ initials… and even, in the case of New Orleans Lady, a signature (Barton).

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