The Love Clinic


A Beautiful Captive In A Voluptuary’s Castle Of Strange Desires

From the back:

The Forbidden Acts Of Love
For what forbidden purpose did the amazing Dr. Hugo Schomberg lure the most beautiful women in the world to his fantastic love-clinic in the dark Bohemian forests? And what happened when a handsome young Parisian traced a missing Viennese beauty to this Palace of Eros?
A Lost Girl In A Harem Hideaway
Debonair Philippe Jacquemode left the warm arms of an American sweetheart to solve the riddle of Lila de Radetzky’s disappearance from a disreputable Vienna cabaret. Haunted by the vision of this innocent young girl dancing in the embrace of a strange, hard-faced man, Philippe never rested until he had found them together in the love-clinic!
Love-Slave Or Willing Woman?
In The Love Clinic, Maurice Dekobra, author of BEDROOM EYES, has brilliantly portrayed a man whom women called Master . . and a girl for whose body and soul a passionate war-of-love was fought behind forbidden walls and on the burning sands of North Africa!


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