The Miss Deane

Paris Nights April 1929

This entire issue can be downloaded here

6 thoughts on “The Miss Deane”

  1. The plane is a Ford Trimotor (1926-1930), known as the “Tin Goose”.
    Miss Dean is a passenger, known as a “flapper”.

      1. I have actually flown in a Ford Tri-Motor though I was a bit more conservatively dressed. A local airshow had one and was given what I thought were reasonably priced rides. I cannot imagine flying across the country, making several stops, in it though. However, that was “modern times.”

        1. So think about Miss Dean, dressed in her filmy black silk dress and stockings, who flew in the Tin-Goose all across the Atlantic ocean, through scary storms and lightnings (it sounds more dramatic this way) to Paris, only to save her fiancé from the claws of his lusty french mistress (which is a pleonasm).

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