4 thoughts on “The Silver Witch”

  1. I’m surprised this isn’t tagged George Gross. You have a better eye than I do when it comes to spotting his style. I’m looking at this on a black and white screen at low illumination yet despite that limitation, it’s a dead giveaway. At any rate, I know that’s know that’s not good enough, so I’ll also point out his signature in the lower right corner (cut off so only the top is seen).

      1. FYI, the tag is still not updated.

        Also, should Spears of Fire also be included as an additional story?

  2. According to philsp.com, the image on the left is the cover of the Spring 1945 issue and the image on the right is the cover of the Spring 1953 issue. When I right click on the left image and select Save image as… the file title has the wrong date.

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