The Strangest Marriage

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53550179471 Beacon Books B638F, 1963

Her husband forced her into an incredible affair!

From the back:

What drama was she forced to act out to satisfy the demands of her husband?

Julia C., attractive, desirable, mid-20’s, married to wealthy yachtsman; no prior record of emotional disturbance, but admits shock and disappointment at husband’s marital demands. Feels herself slipping into a taboo netherworld. Can a strong man still help this sensual woman remain on the path of normalcy?

Jeffery C., businessman-playboy type, severe maternal fixations. Can this neurotic man ever achieve normal relations with his wife… or any woman?

Mackie H., beautiful redhead, 20, illegitimate daughter of waterfront saloon keeper but cautious about men since attempted rape. What happens when this inexperienced girl from the slums is drawn into the sophisticated improprieties of the wealthy yacht set?

A hard, long look at the psychological disturbances behind the strange behavior of some of our wealthier citizens — and their women!

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