Trap of Lesbos (1962)

Beacon B523F 1962

Her Husband Had No Time For Love… So Myra Turned To Sharon — Who Did!
Fearlessly reveals the dark urges of women who love women… yet have a compelling need for men!

From the back:

Can A Man Tear Down The Temple Of Lesbian Love?
Jeff Ramsey’s seventh wedding anniversary was just another night to him—hut the final straw for Myra, who was through with living in a love vacuum. When delicate-boned, man-hating Sharon, Jeff’s architectural assistant, introduced Myra to the sweet mysteries of lesbian seduction, she was torn between the strange allure of perverse desire and her natural lust for a man …
Could Myra Resolve The Conflict? Could She Ever Love Normally Again—After Tasting Strange Fruit?
A gripping story that throws a blinding light on the obscurities of unnatural love!


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