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      1. Compare this cover to the cover of Death’s Convoy (painted by Anderson.)


        Compare the faces of the women, which are the same. Then compare the faces of the men, which are the same. Heritage Auctions made a mistake. This one’s Anderson, for sure. Also, looking over that site you linked to, it seems that H.J. Ward’s stuff is easily recognized by them (given that Ward put Viola’s face on many of his female characters), but other artists are often left as a mystery.

        For example, both the Sep 1940 and Dec 1940 Spicy Western Stories issues, look to me like they might be Harry Lemon Parkhurst, but the cover artists are not listed.

        The Feb 1941 issue doesn’t just look like Parkhurst, it IS Parkhurst. (I’d bet on it.) But the artist is not listed.

        The Mar 1941 issue is plainly Anderson, but they left it unlisted. (It even bears his signature, too!)

        The Jun 1941 issue is Anderson AND bears his signature, but they left the artist unlisted. (You’ve got this one on your blog.)

        The Aug 1941 issue is plainly H.J. Ward but they left it unlisted for some reason.

        The Sep 1941 has a Parkhurst vibe to it. It’s left unlisted.

        The Nov 1941 issue is plainly Anderson AND bears his signature, but they left it unlisted.

        Finally, the Jan 1942 issue (which is the above cover) is also left unlisted.

        To see what I’m talking about, follow this link:


        (Btw, the only cover on that list I ain’t too sure about is the Sep 1939 issue, which was also left unlisted. Perhaps if it were a bigger image it could be more easily identified. At any rate, from what little can be seen, I’ll chalk it up as probably Parkhurst.)

        1. While I’m at it, I might as well do the rest. Here’s the list:


          Mar 1942: Anderson, but it’s left unlisted.

          Apr 1942: Ward, but it’s left unlisted.

          Jun 1942: Anderson WITH signature, but it’s left unlisted. (You have this one on your blog.)

          Aug 1942: Parkhurst, but it’s left unlisted.

          Sep 1942: Ward, but it’s left unlisted.

          Oct 1942: Anderson, but unlisted.

          Speed Western Stories

          Jan 1943: Ward, but unlisted.

          Feb 1943: Anderson (I think), but unlisted. (You’ve got this on your blog.)

          Mar 1943: Ward, but unlisted.

          Apr 1943: Anderson, but unlisted.

          Jun 1943: Ward AND listed. (You’ve got this one on your blog but you do not have it tagged as Ward. I remember this one because I recently commented on it, saying it was Ward, but it felt unfinished or something.)

          Aug 1943: Ward, but unlisted.

          Oct 1943: Anderson (I’m guessing), but unlisted. (I’d need to see it larger to be sure.)

          Dec 1943: Anderson, but unlisted.

          Feb 1944: Anderson WITH signature, but unlisted.

  1. Please direct your attention to this web page (which I just came across), which says (like I do) that this cover is an Allen Anderson, and not a Rafael Desoto:


    You will also notice (as plainly shown on that page) that Anderson left his initials on the cover, which I failed to see because the pain-in-the-neck Anderson only put INITIALS (A. A.) and not his whole damn name on the cover. Now that I know that he sometimes did this, I will be sure to scour a cover–that I am sure is his but can’t seem find his whole name (like this one)–for his initials. (I can’t entirely be faulted, though, for not seeing it. It’s practically impossible to see at the resolution of the above image. If the image were a little larger I would have spotted it.)

    At any rate, I’m glad to find that this has finally been cleared up. This cover has been bugging me with Desoto tagged to it this whole time!

    Now if I can only find Palmer’s signature on that dang Ghoul’s Nightmare cover… Lol.

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