3 thoughts on “Two Hands To Choke”

  1. This cover has always bugged me. I have never been able to see Hugh Joseph Ward’s signature strokes in it and still can’t.

    In 1936, three artists worked on this pulp; Hugh Joseph Ward, Harry Lemon Parkhurst and Delos Palmer. The order was as follows:

    Jan – Ward; Feb – Parkhurst;
    Mar – Ward; Apr – Palmer;
    May – Ward; Jun – Parkhurst;
    Jul – Ward; Aug – ? (This cover);
    Sep – Parkhurst; Oct – Ward;
    Nov – Palmer; Dec – Parkhurst.

    These artists appeared to be on a rotation, yet this issue’s cover artist is supposedly the same as the previous cover’s artist? So, this cover is out of the normal rotation (plus the style doesn’t seem to fit). If the rotation order is followed (namely, that no two consecutive covers have the same artist), then PALMER should have painted this cover.

    Does anybody else have a problem seeing this cover as Ward’s, or am I just missing something?

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