Undercover Sex

Softcover Library B796X 1965

A Shocking Novel About Life, Love And Lust On The College Campus Today!

From the back:

Bed, Board, Booze — And Sex
That seems to be the curriculum today at all too many colleges. But there are reasons. Men in their twenties cannot be expected to behave like innocent boys. Co-eds of like age have female needs. Yet the rules force them to satisfy their hungers only surreptitiously. What is the answer ? Tony Crispin, the brilliant young history professor you meet in this book, thinks he has it. “Let sex come out into the light,” he tells students and staff members. “Let it be decent, let it be wholesome — and, above all, let it not be considered sinful.”
Is It True That Taking The Sin Out Of Sex Would End Campus Promiscuity — Kill Off Extra-Curricular Bed-and-Booze Revels — Cause Meaningful Relationships To Form Between Male And Female Students? To Find Out, Read—


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