Weekend Wife

6055694607-Ben Elliott - Weekend Wife Beacon Books B931X, 1966

She was a warm and passionate woman, and her husband neglected her. It was only natural that she should seek fulfillment in the arms of younger lovers…!
A shocking commentary on a marital problem which too often turns natural womanly desires into unwholesome cravings!

From the back:

The Wife Takes A Lover… The Lover Takes A Mistress… The Husband Takes A Tramp…

She Tried It Once… while her husband was away… then found she could not do without it!
How can a loyal married woman suddenly become enslaved by the passion of a man fifteen years younger? Mona Shellman helplessly asked herself that question — even while she lay in Verne Morgan’s arms… Then she tried to give him up — but two days of marital life, as a weekend wife, were not enough — she had to have more!
As for Mona’s husband Jeff, he was on the road five days a week — and his male desires led him to an oversexed party girl, who sometimes sold her caresses — and sometimes gave them away.
What happens to a two-day-a-week marriage when both partners find satisfaction elsewhere — and each one finds out about the other? Read the answers in this sizzling novel of infidelity!


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