Lust Hoofer

Original Spartan Line No. SL-133

Women Flung Their Voluptuous, Eager Bodies At This Cool — Lust Hoofer!


College for Sinners

Nightstand Book # NB1534, 1960 thumbnail
Book NB-1534 1960 thumbnail
Nightstand Book # NB1534, 1960
Book NB-1534 1960

Meet The Depraved Ones — Students Of Sin!
The shocking passion game of big-city collegians in a secret lust club…

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Off Limits

Bedside Book #1202, 1961

They were the most talented bad girls who ever ruined a man!


A Girl Called Honey

Midwood Book #41, 1960

When Honey Loved, She Held Nothing Back A Most Unusual Story About A Most Unusual Harlot


Brother and Sister

Monarch Books #199, 1961

A Tender, Compassionate Novel Of Incestuous Love


Baptism In Shame


Her Sinful Needs Were The Flesh Steps To A Baptism In Shame


Alumnus Of Sin


Passion Graduates In A Reunion Of Lust!


Male Virgin


The frank, intriguing story of a man’s search for an answer to the mystery and meaning of love…

Cover art later reused for Nudist Camp


Nudist Camp


They Worshiped Nature In The Raw
A Scathing Novel Of Life And Love Among The Nudists!

From the back:

Della knew what it was to worship nature. After all, where she came from it was considered quite proper to swim or sunbathe unclad. She decided to welcome this strange sect that wanted to camp on her property — thought he might even join in the fun and games…

It was all so lovely, so innocent — until voluptuous Ada Holden, a girl completely without scruple, began to love nature a little too passionately. Under such circumstances, few men could with land deliberate temptation. Certainly not Ricky, Della’s husband…

It was then Della realized a she-devil had entered paradise. She fought back with the only weapon she had — her own glorious body!

Cover art reused from Male Virgin