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Anybody’s Girl (1967)

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Anybody's Girl
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She Just Didn’t Know How To Say No To A Man.
A brutally frank story of a girl who was a helpless victim of her own passions

From the back:

Like all young women, she was waiting for the right man to come along. Meanwhile, the desire burning deep within her had to find completion – with any man. She picked them up on Broadway and in Greenwich Village: good-time Charlies, tough hombre s, visiting firemen, and even Bowery derelicts. Come one, come all….

But nowhere could she find a man who quenched her passionate desire, and she turned to a woman, where she found a new, strange love. It thrilled her and then chilled her, and she realized that unnatural love could not quench the fires that kept on burning, burning….


Sadisto Royale

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School Of Desire

1963. Playtime 633

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