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The Wild Ones (1962)

1962. Playtime 618

On Campus They Didn’t Need To Take Any Courses On Sex. Their Erotic Escapades Entitled Them To A Master’s Degree In “Sexology” Without Cracking A Book!


The Passionate Prude

1962, Playtime 615

Her competition was Stella, a tempestuous brunette — utterly uninhibited and sex hungry as they come.

From the back:

The girl next door, Stella, was a live one — sex hungry to the point of depravity. So what if his wife was a prude, he was going to get his furnace stoked one way or another.


Lust Fire!

1962. Playtime 602

Lisa would do anything for money… but seducing Greg was as much about pleasure as prostitution


Campus Chippies

1964, Playtime 677

It was college rutting season, and he was about to set a record for shack-time


The Wow Factor


Everybody loves everybody every which way in this savagely funny, orgiastic novel of swamis, swindlers, swingers, and the great Group Encounter Therapy


Hell’s Harlot

Midnight Reader MR-411 1962

She Was All Woman — All Tramp

From the back:

Lust Girl…
was the only name for Gail Reese. At the age of four, almost before she knew the difference between man and woman, she saw her own Aunt in the arms of a strange man, cavorting in sinful pleasure before her young and innocent eyes. And it made its mark on her. Enough of a mark so that at the age of sixteen, a beautiful virgin on the threshold of love, she knew the full horror of being violated brutally by a swine of a man who used her terribly, leaving her spent and bruised, and hating men so much she swore vengeance on all men - to goad them and torment them and drive them to insane heights of desire in search of her arms and lips. She was cold and ruthless, a tease, a woman without morals or ideals. All she knew was that she had what men wanted, and she would give it to them for a high and lustful price. She was a child of the damned
…Hell’s Harlot!


The Bra Peddlers

Nightstand Book NB-1568, 1961

Hucksters, Easy Girls, And Heavy Money — The Formula For An Industry Of Lust

From the back:

Passion Dynamite…
wrapped up in a new, fashion-shattering bra called the Up-Cup. It was new and it was different and it would make a hundred million dollars for Ted Griffin’s ad firm if he played his cards right. But playing the Mad Ave game meant knifing his friends in the back, stealing their wives, playing the hot game of lust that the men who ruled the ad roost dictated. Playing the game also meant selling his own wife info the hot and shameful world of suburban sin. It also meant the shocking torment of an innocent girl’s tortured soul… the torment of passion as a prelude to death. It meant — many things, all of them evil, all of them part of his pay-check in —
… The Lust Trade!


Sin Salesman

Midnight Reader MR-444 1962

He Was Lust Keeper In A House Of Wantons!


Seeds of Sin

Nightstand Book NB-1560 1961

A Sex Survey In This College Town Revealed Shameful Double Lives

From the back:

The Lust Surveyors…
might have been a better name for them. They were college professors doing o thorough study of the sexual habits of educated women, and they had picked the women of Kellar College as their subjects. But it wasn’t all statistics and graphs, as Mark Sullivan found out. It was the kind of insanity only women desperate for love can know. And Mark soon found himself in the role of an interviewer in the center of a whirlpool of passion involving himself, his flame-haired wife Liz, the unbelievably love-starved Frances Durgan and her impotent husband, and a bevy of women who apparently did not care what they looked or sounded like, so long as they could relate their most private lives to a survey man, and perhaps even take a brief, blazing…
…Fling At Passion!


College for Sinners

Book NB-1534 1960

Meet The Depraved Ones — Students Of Sin!
The shocking passion game of big-city collegians in a secret lust club…


Passion Shack

Nightstand Book NB-1533 1960

The Beach Was Their Playground For Lust!

From the back:

On The Beach…
he found them, bursting with passion and hungry  to try every erotic thrill man and woman could ever share. He found Monica, who wore only a thin wrapper, so the boys could see her lush and beautiful body. He found Mary, who came to him in the night and demanded he satisfy her strange and twisted lusts — which he refused until her brother forced him at gunpoint! This was the weird tropical world Ben Carr — architect, society husband — had come to make for himself in the abandoned shack on the Florida coast. A world he had fled to in an attempt to forget that his own beautiful wife was a lesbian. It was a terrible and degrading world –
…Filled With Lust!


Lust Queen

Midnight Reader MR-401 1961

No Sin Was Taboo With The Girls He Met In Hollywood’s Flesh Pit!

From the back:

Too Much Sun
was a disease you could contact in Hollywood. Too much good living and too many easy babes who didn’t really bother to get your lost name before they’d give you a good time. That was what Joey Baldwin, writer, fell info when he was commissioned to write the autobiography of ex-movie queen Mona Thorne. For Mona was in her  thirties, looked like her twenties, and was filled with all the sin and shame of a hundred harlots. She was a passionately beautiful woman with a soul so shriveled she thought lust was lovely and sin was sweet. And into her life came innocent Joey, whose idea of being a cynic was to cheat on a wife he had already divorced… But this was the big time, the Hollywood glitter-scene, and Joey’s ideas of sex and passion were petty beside those of Mona Thorne, a girl who had long since had too much money, too much sun, and —
Too Much Sex!


Naked Holiday

Nightstand Book NB-1512. 1960

They exposed their bodies and their hungry desires

From the back:

These Were The Nudists!

Bonnie — whose sickness wos sex. She didn’t care who she slept with, as long as she owned him afterwards. Her fever for lust Al could never quite quench.

Harriet — who could never be aroused unless her love-partner beat her. So Al used the weapon she gave him, and struck her unmercifully. If wos the most terrifying union he’d ever known.

Sandra — sixteen-year-old daughter of the nudist camp’s director. Hot, lusting Sandra, jailbait Sondra who crept info Als arms and demanded his body, using her own like most women use a knife!

…And There Were Others!