On the golf course he was the pro. In the bedroom, she was


The Sex Bums

Beacon Softcover Library B880X 1965 thumbnail
Beacon Books B880X, 1965 thumbnail
Beacon Softcover Library B880X 1965
Beacon Books B880X, 1965

Bold and different—a merciless novel exposing love practices among loose-living artists!

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Affair With Lucy

Midwood Book No. 10 (1959)

Her Husband Found Her Cold — But I Didn’t!
A Story Of Illicit Love — With No Details Spared!

Orrie Hitt’s first book for Midwood. Later retitled Married Mistress


The Love Trap (1963)

Beacon Books B673 - Hilary Hilton - The Love Trap

Suburbia had three sexes… male, female… and Susan
A daring novel of today’s young marrieds fighting a problem as old as Eve!

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Add Flesh To The Fire

Add Flesh to the Fire paperback cover, 1959 thumbnail
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Add Flesh to the Fire paperback cover, 1959

They Could Have The Guns — If He Had The Woman
A Tough Taut Tale Of Gun Running In The Bloody Caribbean Where Some Men Fought For Liberty — Others For Lust!

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Men — and women — tried to give Sandy the love she craved, but somehow it was never enough!

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Key Club (1965)


If you have never visited one of these very private establishments, here’s your chance! A novel in the modern manner about a haven for jaded thrill-seekers!


Women of Evil


A Confidential Report On Women Who, In Another Age, Would Have Been Burned At The Stake As Witches


The Faster We Live

Monarch 239 1962 thumbnail
Monarch Books #239 - 1962 thumbnail
Monarch 239 1962
Monarch Books #239 - 1962

She gave herself to the right man — at the wrong time

From the back:

There was $200,000 in the bank and they wanted it —these four amateur bandits who were out to use the crowds at the Indianapolis Speedway as their cover –before and after the robbery.
MYLES THORBECK wanted his share of the loot for easy living. His brother, HOWIE, wanted to buy the respect of his nymphomaniac wife, FAYE. FLOYD WARREN needed to be a big shot.
And RYAN KENDALL was just along for the ride — until his intimate emotional involvement with beautiful and eager VICKI TAYLOR precipitated a conflict of interests between them all that threatened to blow sky-high an otherwise perfect crime.

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