Untamed Lust

1960 Beacon B336

Like bees and honey, women and money go together. Frank Jennings had both…
The Story Of A Sadist — Of His Twisted Wife And Daughter, And Of A Girl Name Joan, Whose Only Mania Was Love!

Not related to this book of the same name, this entire book can be downloaded here

The Affair

The Affair Softcover Library, 1965 thumbnail
Beacon Softcover Library B876X 1965 thumbnail
The Affair Softcover Library, 1965
Beacon Softcover Library B876X 1965

He Was A Brash Young Rebel. She Was His Teacher. Boldly They Defied Convention…
The story of a shattering affair between a sex-driven woman and a teen-age boy!

From the back:

Chuck Lewis, handsome football star, lives in a world of gridiron battles, record hops, beer parties. His adolescent “steady,” Joanie Miller, is willing to please him up to a certain point—but refuses to go all the way. So to satisfy his violent urges, and to make Joanie jealous, Chuck deliberately tempts his pretty high-school teacher, Meg Davidson.
During a private tutoring session, love-starved Meg yields to Chuck’s caresses, launching them both into a reckless and wanton affair. Then Meg marries Chuck, is discharged from her job and scorned by the community. But she has no regrets. All that counts are those frenzied satisfactions in the arms of her young husband.
Only one thing worries Meg. Does Chuck really love her? The answer comes as a crippling shock. Meg is Chuck’s wife. But Joanie Miller is carrying his child!

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On the golf course he was the pro. In the bedroom, she was


The Sex Bums

Beacon Softcover Library B880X 1965 thumbnail
Beacon Books B880X, 1965 thumbnail
Beacon Softcover Library B880X 1965
Beacon Books B880X, 1965

Bold and different—a merciless novel exposing love practices among loose-living artists!

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Affair With Lucy

Midwood Book No. 10 (1959)

Her Husband Found Her Cold — But I Didn’t!
A Story Of Illicit Love — With No Details Spared!

Orrie Hitt’s first book for Midwood. Later retitled Married Mistress


The Love Trap (1963)

Beacon Books B673 - Hilary Hilton - The Love Trap

Suburbia had three sexes… male, female… and Susan
A daring novel of today’s young marrieds fighting a problem as old as Eve!

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Add Flesh To The Fire

Add Flesh to the Fire paperback cover, 1959 thumbnail
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Add Flesh to the Fire paperback cover, 1959

They Could Have The Guns — If He Had The Woman
A Tough Taut Tale Of Gun Running In The Bloody Caribbean Where Some Men Fought For Liberty — Others For Lust!

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Men — and women — tried to give Sandy the love she craved, but somehow it was never enough!

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