Nympho Mania

SABER SA-34 1965

Joe Thompson, having just tried to satisfy May, his wife, before going to work, had no idea that the minute he drove away she was seeking gratification from another man…

From the back:

MAY wasn’t bad; sick, maybe, but not bad. Daily she sexually sapped the strength from her husband, though even that wasn’t enough to satiate her.
‘Affairs’ with other men grew numerous, and even that wasn’t enough. She soon found it necessary to attend afternoon sessions at a wayward house of ill-fame, taking into love whatever man the ‘madam’ offered. For this she received no money, or did it satiate her burning desires.


Frame Up

VEGA V-16 1962

Casey had given up trying to get the truth out of Dorothy when Maguire came lumbering in, clawing at his shoulder holster…


Sex Life Of A Cop

Saber Books SA-11, 1959 50908810932_b72790488b_4k

This was no ordinary necking party they’d broken up. Before them stood their enraged boss—the Chief of Police—and some woman.


Passion — Their Pastime

Saber Book SA-72 (1964) thumbnail
Saber Book #SA-72 1964 thumbnail
Saber Book SA-72 (1964)
Saber Book #SA-72 1964

Non-virgin club meetings being held next door gave Sandy the idea of forming a new club whose sole function was… Passion — Their Pastime

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Expensive Passions

Saber SA-139 1968

He wanted a romp on the mattress — a real good sex bout — so why not have it with passionate and willing Ophelia?


Girls of Club Sappho

Saber Book #SA-36 1963

The crowd was spellbound when Beverly and Marge made their near-nude debut


Project Girl

Saber Tropic 911 1965

Her stepfather was determined to ravish her body, and he felt that beating her into submission was the best way…


Sins of the Pioneers

Saber SA-130 1968

A fresh, juicy piece early in the morning never did a man any harm, and that’s exactly how it would be with the Indian maiden…


Sinners and Swappers

Saber SA-196 1970

“Next time you come to a party, don’t waste time by putting on panties…”


We Poor Sinners

We Poor Sinners by Devon, Saber Book SA-56 (1964)

Drusilla was a whore but this did not matter to Harmon when he awakened and saw her standing before him…


Our Flesh Was Cheap


In these lowly, dingy cribs of adobe walls and falling plaster — Tijuana’s first houses of pleasure, where our flesh was cheap…


They Paid With Flesh


Whatever the rules were — giving their bodies, copping a joint — it didn’t matter


In Sex We Trust

Saber Books, SA117 1968

She could sexually outlast them all — male or female, one after the other — and then return to her job as a whore


The Way With Women

Saber Books #SA-76, 1964

She had everything men would want, but she also had a way of making them suffer before they could possess her…