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The Daughter

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Her father would horsewhip her if he ever found out…

Loved By One Man — Mistress Of Many

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Island at the End of the World

Berkley #G437 1960

One Man — Three Beautiful Women — On A Deserted — Island at the End of the World


The Place Of Jackals

1956 Berkley G-220

From the back:

Roget, the young priest, knew that the flesh was weak. But he had his Faith to sustain him. Then, in one terrible flame-filled interlude, he showed cowardice in battle and was stripped of his dignity as a man. And when confronted with temptation in the form of the sultry and attractive missionary’s wife, he had no defenses to fall back upon.


Queer Patterns

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Avon Eton #E121 1952
1952 ETON E121

A Delicate Theme, Treated Honestly and Candidly

Also, lots and lots of steamy lesbian sex scenes.

From the back:

Here is a much-needed book which examines straight-forwardly the dramatic problem of women involved too intimately in one another’s lives — a powerful novel of a little known social menace. Read this book, and gain an enlightened understanding of the lost women whose strange urges produce one of the great problems of modern society.

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Cutie (Original Title: Passion’s Slave)


The Look In Her Eyes Would Set Fire To Any Man!


South Street

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Love And Violence In Philadelphia’s Harlem

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Vice-Squad Cop

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A powerful novel exposing the crimes and people tracked by the… Vice-Squad Cop

This cover was reused from Scratch The Surface

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Backstage Love

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A Shocking Expose Of What Goes On Behind The Scenes At A Summer Stock Theater

Alan Marshall was a pen name for Donald E. Westlake.

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