Apprentice Virgin

Midwood #149, 1962

She Learned To Sin In Summer Stock
Her Sex Play Was In Three Acts: Act I… Desire, Act II… Experience, Act III… Satisfaction Guaranteed


Girl-Hungry (Original Title: The Transgressor)

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Carnival Books 935 - William E. Gordon - Girl-Hungry thumbnail
Carnival Books 935 - William E. Gordon - Girl-Hungry

The Story Of A Boy Who Learned About Life From Women…

Find Aileen and save a boy’s soul, perhaps his life. Herb loved her. She was the only one of the many girls he knew who really stirred his deepest emotions. Because he loved her, because he knew he was unworthy, he ran away from her, and lived to regret it every hour, every waking minute. Being without her was torment. Being with other girls was a mockery. Only finding Aileen again could save him, but when he did, he found that it was too late!

Unrelated to Boy Hungry

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The Magnate



Gambler’s Girl

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Gambler's Girl, paperback cover, 1951
Original Novels 704, 1951

A reckless pilot, a seductive blonde, an undercover agent and a gambling plane add up to romance, passion — and trouble!


The Daughter

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Her father would horsewhip her if he ever found out…

Loved By One Man — Mistress Of Many

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