Gambler’s Girl

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Gambler's Girl, paperback cover, 1951
Original Novels 704, 1951

A reckless pilot, a seductive blonde, an undercover agent and a gambling plane add up to romance, passion — and trouble!


The Daughter

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Her father would horsewhip her if he ever found out…

Loved By One Man — Mistress Of Many

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The Strange Brigade


A lusty novel of a time when love was not just a word


The Place Of Jackals

1956 Berkley G-220

From the back:

Roget, the young priest, knew that the flesh was weak. But he had his Faith to sustain him. Then, in one terrible flame-filled interlude, he showed cowardice in battle and was stripped of his dignity as a man. And when confronted with temptation in the form of the sultry and attractive missionary’s wife, he had no defenses to fall back upon.