She Would Sell Anything If The Price Was Right
The Candid Story Of A Seductive Salesgirl Who Traded On Her Charms — Then Had To Pay Her Pound Of Flesh


Seduction By Appointment

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Monarch F174

A Shocking Story About The Phony Adultery Racket
Sandi was the bait that men never quite get — until that eventful night in a bathtub-for-two

From the back:

Q. How Low Can A Woman Stoop?
A. She Can Become A Professional Adulteress — A Sex Trap
Here is the inside story of Sandi, a professional adulteress. Her ability to seduce unsuspecting husbands was amazing. Unscrupulous wives used this beautiful girl to lure their husbands into the most intimate compromising positions so as to blackmail them into divorce.
A Shocking Revelation Of How Women Use Sex To Violate The Moral And Legal Codes Of Our Society In Order To Force A Divorce.

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French Alley

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The Exciting Story of Three Girls from the French Quarter of New Orleans 

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My Turn To Die?

Panther Books 986 First 1959

As The Net Slowly Tightened He Asked Himself: For What Cause Am I Risking A Horrible Death?

Cover swiped from Cornered (1958)


Forbidden Pleasures (Original Title: Moon-Kissed)

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Berkley 1953 thumbnail
Berkley Books G-205 1953
Berkley 1953

The Mysteries of Triangular Love

They loved triangles? They made love in exotic positions that resemble triangles?

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The Temptress Of Tobacco Road!

Best True Fact Detective Sept. 1953

Also, Death Gamble In Reno! and Love Trap For The Week-End Wife!

Cover reused from Special Detective


Messalina (1955)

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Berkley G 14 1955
Berkley G 14 1955 Back

The Wickedest Woman In Rome

This book has a different author from this one

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The Divorcees

Pyramid Books, F570 1962

Three mixed-up, sex-starved women on the loose in Reno


Reefer Girl

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Cameo Novel 330 1953

The frank, biting story of a young girl of the slums, and how she was caught in the toils of evil.

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Take Me As I Am (Original Title: The Invisible Glass)


Women-Hungry GI’s And The Girls Who Fed Their Hunger


Apprentice Virgin (Original Title: Backstage Love)

Midwood #149, 1962

She Learned To Sin In Summer Stock
Her Sex Play Was In Three Acts: Act I… Desire, Act II… Experience, Act III… Satisfaction Guaranteed


Girl-Hungry (Original Title: The Transgressor)

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Carnival Books 935 - William E. Gordon - Girl-Hungry

The Story Of A Boy Who Learned About Life From Women…

Find Aileen and save a boy’s soul, perhaps his life. Herb loved her. She was the only one of the many girls he knew who really stirred his deepest emotions. Because he loved her, because he knew he was unworthy, he ran away from her, and lived to regret it every hour, every waking minute. Being without her was torment. Being with other girls was a mockery. Only finding Aileen again could save him, but when he did, he found that it was too late!

Unrelated to Boy Hungry

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