Man-Hungry / The Saint And Sinners Murder Case! / I’ll Kiss You And Kill You

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“Sure I Lust For Love,” She Smiled. “But What’s More I Also Love Lust!”
LOVE STARVED . . . and strangely addicted to her dangerous desires Cilo Haven searched the byways of her soul trying to find the ultimate in passions and pleasures of the flesh. That’s why so few men found her lacking in the intimate knowledge of love and desire . . . and fewer yet realized what kind of woman she really was . . . until it was too late for them to withdraw from the tendrils of her trap of . . . LUST AND SIN!”

From Heritage Auctions:

This painting was originally published as the cover for All True Police Detective Cases October, 1950, albeit in another variation (which would have been the original version of the painting). It was also slightly altered again and used later for the cover of Police Detective July, 1958. The current state of the painting is presumed to have been published a third time as a cover-though we were unable to nail down this usage

Obviously, I was able to nail down the usage, as well as add Best True Fact Detective July 1954

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The Fence

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Note the grave digging in the background. Cover reused for Best True Fact Detective

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I Dare You To Leave Me!

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School for Girls, paperback cover, 1958
Best True Fact Detective March 1954

There Was A Devil In Her Past… And He Would Never Let Her Go!

This art was originally for Beacon Books #B202, 1958 School for Girls

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The Temptress Of Tobacco Road!

Best True Fact Detective Sept. 1953

Also, Death Gamble In Reno! and Love Trap For The Week-End Wife!

Cover reused from Special Detective


Death, My Lover!

Best True Fact Detective December 1953

Cover art reused from True Crime Cases


A Beautiful Babe Who Loved ‘Em Up To Shake ‘Em Down!

Best True Fact Detectrive July 1951