Free and Easy (Original Title: After Passion)

Free and Easy, paperback cover, Ecstasy 1951 thumbnail
Ecstasy 1951 - # 11 - Free And Easy - Luther Gordon thumbnail
Free and Easy, paperback cover, Ecstasy 1951
Ecstasy 1951 - # 11 - Free And Easy - Luther Gordon

She Wanted Love… Not Marriage!


Journey Into Ecstasy

Journey Into Ecstasy thumbnail
Venus Books #115 1951 thumbnail
Journey Into Ecstasy
Venus Books #115 1951

She Was Beautiful, Bold… And Bad!

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Girl On Parole

Crime magazine cover, March 1953 thumbnail
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Crime magazine cover, March 1953

The Human Tragedy Of Life In The Prison Without Bars

I don’t know if this is related to the book of the same name.

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Lay Down and Die!

Lay Down and Die! by Mark Reed, Falcon #26, 1952 thumbnail
Falcon #26, 1952 thumbnail
Lay Down and Die! by Mark Reed, Falcon #26, 1952
Falcon #26, 1952

When Johnny Murdoc, Tough Cop, Meets Lady Mayhem, Tougher Dame, The Result Is Dynamite… And Death!


My Fists Drew Blood When I Caught Him With My Faithless Jungle Woman!

Man's Cavalcade (Jan., 1958). Cover Art by Howell Dodd

Also featuring A Bartender’s Guide To Blondes: “I Served Sex On The Rocks!” and Blood Dance Of The Oriental Virgin!


Hot Cargo (1958)


Gun running and wenching… these were for Hank. But playing with Helen, Valerie and Conchita was like playing with the TNT stored in his hold… only more dangerous!

From the back:

In this land of half-starved natives living on dope and frantic sex, Hank’s two-fisted methods were bound to get results. But first he had to learn which threatened him most-the bullets, knives and fists of a corrupt regime-or the treacherous embraces of his hot-blooded women

This cover art was reused for Valor magazine.


Crime Year Book 1951

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Featuring I Was Queen of the Stag-Party Strippers!

Cover reused for Room And Dame

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The Come-On Girl Talked!


“Drink Up, Baby!” said the Cop, and the Blonde gave the clue that cracked a tough case!