Adam’s Women

Beacon Books #B561F, 1962 thumbnail
Beacon Books #B561F, Rear thumbnail
Beacon Books #B561F, 1962
Beacon Books #B561F, Rear

What Made Adam Crane Dash After The Kind Of Women Who Ran Fast Just Enough To Be Caught?
A Burning Novel That Reveals The Molten World Of Chic Debutantes, Sleek Secretaries And Restless Suburban Wives, Where Every Glance Can Offer An Intimate Invitation!

From the back:

Was Adam Crane Over-Sexed? These Women Know The Answer…
Linda, a sensual, sex-hungry secretary who wants to take more than dictation…
Clarisse, a just-ripe teenager with zestful ideas that make men feel young again…
Karen, an experimenter who is researching her own private Kinsey Report…
Rosalie, who bares her soul and tears off her clothes in the back seat of a taxicab cruising through the park…
Susan, flaxen-haired and desirable, lovely as a star… provokingly remote… and desperately in love…
A Problem Novel — Revealing The Plight Of A Man Rendered Dangerous Because Of His Uncontrollable Desire For Women!

Cover art was later reused for Shopping Center Sex


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