Shopping Center Sex

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At long last, a novel that cuts to the corrupt heart of suburbia’s most shocking scandal!

You’ve seen them in their sleek sports cars. They have husbands by night and clients by day…

From the back:

In suburbia today, sex conquest is often a status symbol. One man’s triumph may be as close as his neighbor’s bedroom. But what about the women? What happens when they start their own game of Musical Beds? Why do they so often become part-time call girls-and worse? Typical are the lovely women you will meet in this book, like:
Sandra — who posed for pleasure and profit. The sessions always wound up in a way that satisfied both the photographer and the client.
Helen — who found there were several men eager to contribute to her household budget.
Lana — who chose a “career” instead of babies, only to find that a friend’s husband was giving her second thoughts.
Here is an author who goes far beyond mere case histories — gives you a behind-the-scenes look at Sexurbia, U.S.A.

Cover art reused from Adam’s Women


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