Baby Peddler

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The Desperate Story Of Girls In Trouble

From the back:

Black Market For Souls… Young Lives For Sale…
How Could A Woman Do These Things… And Still Be A Woman?
Trading in the yearning for happiness which a women, all humans, have, the Baby Peddler plies his shameful commerce. Unwed mothers stunned by the consequence of their mistakes, childless women aching for the joys of motherhood, are his instruments… and for a profit, for a few pieces of silver, he traffics in the lives of babies, in the tears of women, in the shame of wayward girls. Sometimes the business of placing the baby of an unwed mother in the hands of a childless married couple involves warmhearted and well-meaning people, people who sincerely believe they are adding to the world’s good deeds. Nurse Chris Matthews, lovely, lonely, looking for an answer to the emptiness in her life, was one such person. Her employer, Dr. Alan Fain, was another. And when Barney, handsome, unscrupulous, and daring moved in on Chris’s life with his smooth talk, there was no way she could resist him. Blinded by feelings she could not control despite all she knew about him, Chris became Barney’s tool in the despicable practice of profiteering in mother-love.

This art was reused for Desperate Lives, Star Books (AUS) #233

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