Loves of a Girl Wrestler

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Beacon B357 1960

A Terror in the Ring…A Tigress in the Boudoir!

Mauled… Manhandled… Exhibited Before Lusting Eyes… This Lovely Creature Fought Depravity and Disgrace At The Hands Of Bone-Crushing Men and Passionate Amazons

Can a professional fighting-girl experience genuine tenderness, love? Or does she become brutalized, morally impoverished, sapped of all womanly decency by the sordid exhibitions in which she takes part?

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His Brother’s Wife

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1964 beacon #B-698X

Whit Calderson thought he had tasted real passion in the arms of other women… but then he discovered forbidden love that seemed to make the earth move!

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Girls’ School

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Beacon B820X 1965
Beacon Books S75111 - Jay Vincent - Girls' School (back)

From boarding school to bawdy school in one easy lesson!
The Daring Novel About A Bordello Queen Who Sets Up Shop In A Girl’s Academy

From the back:

When Teachers Pet 
To the eye, it was an innocent girls’ school. But the “head mistress” was a good-looking madam whose “students” included the gayest, wackiest, wittiest and wickedest call-girls ever to gladden a reprobate’s heart.
Every red-blooded man in the county was attending classes and acquiring a liberal education from the girls But then the pair of maiden aunts who owned the place — and had no idea of what was going on — decided to visit. With them they brought their young nephew.
Madam Angie and her “schoolgirls” somehow had to deceive the aunts. This they attempted with the aid of assorted customers and a bawdy schoolmaster. The resulting scramble was racier than a French farce and more earthy than a burlesque show. The aunts lost their innocence — and the nephew was seduced right into manhood.

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The Third Way (1962)

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Beacon B491F 1962

They hid their claws under nail polish!
Kate Bellosa and Liz Bellows had designs on their employer — and also on each other… For they were more than ambitious. They were driven by twisted desires!
Blunt Revelations About What Happens When Deviate Women Seek Advancement In The World Of Business

The third big printing of this title can be seen here

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Baby Peddler

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The Desperate Story Of Girls In Trouble

From the back:

Black Market For Souls… Young Lives For Sale…
How Could A Woman Do These Things… And Still Be A Woman?
Trading in the yearning for happiness which a women, all humans, have, the Baby Peddler plies his shameful commerce. Unwed mothers stunned by the consequence of their mistakes, childless women aching for the joys of motherhood, are his instruments… and for a profit, for a few pieces of silver, he traffics in the lives of babies, in the tears of women, in the shame of wayward girls. Sometimes the business of placing the baby of an unwed mother in the hands of a childless married couple involves warmhearted and well-meaning people, people who sincerely believe they are adding to the world’s good deeds. Nurse Chris Matthews, lovely, lonely, looking for an answer to the emptiness in her life, was one such person. Her employer, Dr. Alan Fain, was another. And when Barney, handsome, unscrupulous, and daring moved in on Chris’s life with his smooth talk, there was no way she could resist him. Blinded by feelings she could not control despite all she knew about him, Chris became Barney’s tool in the despicable practice of profiteering in mother-love.

This art was reused for Desperate Lives, Star Books (AUS) #233

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His Boss’ Wife


He was a man on the make, and this time he wanted – His Boss’ Wife
They traveled together… they worked together… so Rob Webb just had to be near that copper-haired witch — and she did nothing to keep him at arms length!


Girl On A Couch

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Beacon B409F 1961 thumbnail
Beacon B409F 1961

Gay’s Analyst Tried To Cure Her But Fell Victim To Her Instead… For He Was Only A Man, And She Was A Nymphomaniac!

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The Sex Rebels / Strange Lovers

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Beacon B754X, 1964

Secret, shameless, violent nights — as moral values crumble before the onslaught of: The Sex Rebels

A Bold New Novel — mercilessly unveiling the scandals that rock suburbia today!

The man was painted out of the picture before it was reused for Strange Lovers

Tender girls, older men, wives craving hot young lust — swinging together!


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Fever In The Sun

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1963 Beacon B574F
1963 Beacon B574F Back

For Dave Rogers, 19, The Lure Of An Older Woman Was Overwhelmingly Exciting — And Gloria Was Old. She Was 30… And Bored To Tears With Her Husband!

An Insight Into What Really Goes On At Summer Resorts When Bored Wives And College-Age Staffers Are Thrown Together In Circumstances That Can Only Lead To Bed

From the back:

It Was Summertime… And The Loving Was Easy…

The crowd at the Lodge was gay and friendly… and some of the guests mixed only too well!
There was Gloria Logan — for whom, at 30, the hot, sweet ardor of honeymoon days had long since turned into the dull routine of desultory love-making… catapulting her into discreet indiscretions!
There was Dave Rogers — for whom, at 19, the lure of an older woman held more excitement and promise than the callow charms of undiscriminating co-eds… and Gloria’s warm-blooded ripeness promised much!
There was Cindy Hamilton — who, at 18, had already been subjected to a forced, and unwanted experience — and who was now willing to experiment with an exotic kind of love!
There was Anita Lundquist — a blonde bombshell who liked bewitching brunettes — like Cindy! 

And Then There Were The Week-End Husbands Who Swarmed Down Either Too Tired To Toy With Love Or Too Eager To Find A New Playmate!

This entire book can be downloaded here