Beyond All Desire

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She Was His For The Taking But Another Man Owned Her

From the back:

Three beautiful women were interested in the answer but Clint Piersall couldn’t decide.
Lush, lovely Christine — wife of the man out to ruin him — had reserved a permanent spot in her bed for him…
Marta, as wild as a panther in her loving, was determined to keep him from leaving…
And Shari, his ex-wife, who was wantonly eager to make up for the intervening years…
In the meantime, there was an entire town to be built – 2,000 houses, apartments and schools — and if he didn’t complete the job on time Clint was through as an engineer. Because powerful forces were out to sabotage the project, Clint needed to keep his mind on his work but all he could think of was: WHICH WOMAN DO I LOVE?


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