Carny Girl

Carny Girl

Wild Passion For Sale Behind The Big Top

From the back:

There was madness in Julie’s past and madness in the new world she fled to monstrous depravity too hideous to remember behind her and warped lust to evil to face before her! The carnival was the only world her ravished mind would let her know and the carnival held both shelter and menace! She thrilled as much as the men she delighted as she danced the ultimate tango of unleashed ecstasy under canvas—but thrill turned to terror when her dead husband arose to stalk her… and there was no other world for her to flee to!


One thought on “Carny Girl”

  1. Monstrous depravity behind, warped lust too evil to face in front and the ultimate tango of unleashed ecstasy under canvas? And she gets to see the circus too! Why were none of my camping trips ever like this?

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