Desire Under The Sun

Midwood NO.F97 1961

A novel as violent and as passionate as the desert… The moving story of a beautiful Mexican girl and the men who used her with brutal lust.


Switch Partners

Midwood F344 1963

It started as a party game, a one-time-only experiment… but it became a habit none of them could break>


Secret Of The Second Door

Gold Medal Books 855, 1959 thumbnail
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Gold Medal Books 855, 1959

Her beautiful body and willing ways had led Neil straight into a killer’s trap

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The Sex Bums

Beacon Books B880X, 1965

Bold and different—a merciless novel exposing love practices among loose-living artists!


Commuting Wife

Beacon Books B693X, 1964

She had a husband in suburbia—and a lover in town
A story of today’s sophisticated career wife, who doesn’t let a wedding band stand between her and the men who can help her get ahead!


Claim of the Fleshless Corpse

5 Detective Novels 1950 Winter

Also, Murder Suspect, Murder Under Wraps, The House of Frogs, and The Case of the Astral Assassin

This entire issue can be downloaded here

Ordeal by Sex

Beacon B763 1964

What happens when a mature professor becomes infatuated with a seventeen-year-old girl?


The Devil Sword

Hillman Books #140 1960 The Devil Sword thumbnail
The Devil Sword 180 thumbnail
Hillman Books #140 1960 The Devil Sword
The Devil Sword 180

He Loved And Killed For The Infamous Woman Of France

From the back:

The masked woman missed him with the downward stroke of her naked blade. Her ankle hit his booted foot and she pitched forward, face down on the street. Michel was like an animal as he shifted the direction of his lunge. With one foot gaining purchase on the street stones, he flung himself on top of her. His right hand caught her right wrist: lifted it and shook it until the stiletto went sailing through the air.”
The masked woman who had tried to murder the king’s swordsman was the most scandalous figure in the corrupt French court.
These two — the one known for her amours and the other for his assassinations — were plunged into the affair of the century. A rousing historical novel of the days of intrigue and violence.

This entire book can be read online here


Quarter Books 31, 1949

She Was Easy With Her Kisses And Free With Her Charms!


From Here To Maternity


Makes James Bond look like a sissy!
Now get ready for the man from S.L.I.R. — the funniest under-cover agent ever to chicken out on a perilous mission!


Two Reel Gay Girls

Brandon House 738, 1965 thumbnail
Les Parisiennes LP-121, 1984 thumbnail
Brandon House 738, 1965
Les Parisiennes LP-121, 1984

The movies that they made were for adults only, but at night they filmed the secrets of their forbidden desires in a love made for women only.

Cover flipped and reused for French Family Love

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