7 thoughts on “Coming Of The Faceless Killers”

  1. Normally everything looks like Tom Lovell to me (okay, maybe not EVERYTHING), but this one throws me off. The woman reminds me of a Walter Baumhofer female. What’s your source on this cover?

      1. Thanks. Unfortunately, I don’t have that book. I suppose there is a signature on the painting somewhere. Perhaps it’s cut off. Or maybe Lovell mentioned he painted this in some interview. It doesn’t seem to me to be his normal style, or even up to his normal standards, that he did on this pulp.

        I’m actually confused, though, by their listing. It says, “Dime Mystery Magazine, March 1938 (cover) • (1938) • interior artwork by Tom Lovell (variant of cover art for Dime Mystery Magazine, March 1938)”.

        What’s it mean that there’s a variant cover for that issue (and all the rest of the listed issues, too)? See:


    1. I’m sure Peter Haining was quite the expert when it comes to pulps, but I’m beginning to wonder whether he made a mistake in that book of his. He has already passed on to the next world, so there’s no way to ask him about it, but I bet if I were to take a look at that book of his (a $40 investment I’m not willing to make just to have one single question answered), I’d find that he assigned this to Tom Lovell per his own assessment of stylistic signatures, and NOT because of an actual signature or Lovell’s own admission to having done it.

      I look at this cover (and also Last Boat From Terror Island) and cannot, for the life of me, see Tom Lovell’s signature strokes in any part of them. Additionally, this cover in particular is beginning to appear to me to be John A. Coughlin’s work. I now can see his signature strokes in it. Could I be imagining the connection?

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