For Every House — A Corpse!

Dime Mystery Magazine June 1939


They Thirst By Night

Dime Mystery June 1935

Also featuring Satan’s Mistress


Slayer, Come Back To Me!

Dime Mystery Magazine July 1945

Presumably unrelated to Killer, Come Back To Me


Ghouls In Modern Dress

Dime Mystery Magazine - October 1939

Also, The Test-Tube Murders


Death Sends His Manikins

Dime Mystery Magazine - December 1937 thumbnail
32950319-lf thumbnail
Dime Mystery Magazine 1937 December thumbnail
Dime Mystery Magazine - December 1937
Dime Mystery Magazine 1937 December

Also, Brides For Satan’s Pupils

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The Priestess Of Shame

Dime Mystery Magazine - July 1935 thumbnail
32950028-lf thumbnail
Dime Mystery Magazine - July 1935

Also featuring Dark Melody Of Madness

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They Can’t Kill Us!

Dime Mystery Magazine - September 1941

Also, Murder In Paradise. Cover reused from Detective Tales, March 1936


The Deafening Dead

50362562552-dime-mystery-v35-n04-1947-11-cover thumbnail
Dime Mystery November 1947 thumbnail
Dime Mystery November 1947

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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The Forty-Nine Frankensteins

Dime Mystery April 1939

Also featuring City of Tiny Corpses


Satan’s Handmaiden

Dime Mystery Magazine - October 1934

Also, Bright Rose Of Death


When The Death Light Shines

Dime Mystery Magazine August 1939

Yes, the evil cult leader is spray-painting the chained girl gold. No, I don’t know why.


The Rag-Doll Killer

52608680139-dime-mystery-v19-n02-1939-01-cover thumbnail
Dime Mystery January 1939 thumbnail
Dime Mystery January 1939

Also, The Case Of The Frozen Corpses and The Chimes Of Death

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