3 thoughts on “Counter Girl”

  1. If I find four other covers with waitresses on them, will you make a tag? I’m compiling a list of the sexiest jobs for women, and so far it reads:
    1). Nurse
    2). Maid
    3). Secretary
    4). Teacher
    5). Waitress
    6). Airline stewardess
    7). Singer/actress/showgirl
    8). Model
    You already have tags for the first four.

  2. Also:
    9). Librarian (although there’s a sad dearth of sexy librarian covers)
    10). Reporter
    11). Detective
    Almost any job becomes sexy when a woman does it, in Pulpland.

  3. I have this one my big sister got it for me when we opened up a deli together both in our prime and same hair style and color .. yes I was COUNTER GIRL .. life was good back then , she also got me Gold Metal book “little sister” Lee Roberts and my 3rd “First Girl Gang” I cherish all three so much they hang in my bathroom kinda hard to incorporate any were else.

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