Dame In My Bed

Archer Books #5 1951 thumbnail
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Archer Books #5 1951

From the back:

When Nick Cranley receives an urgent letter from a guy who is just loaded to the eyes with dough, he begins to wonder what it’s all about. He begins to wonder even more when he goes to see him and walks smack into a hot-bed of soft-mouthed dames and hard-eyed gamblers. The gamblers want to bump him off, but the dames . . . ! Well, what can a guy do when every time he comes home after a hard day dodging bullets he finds a dame in his bed?
This story of the further adventures of Nick Cranley has everything that his many followers have learned to expect from this power-packing
private eye.
If you want thrills, chills and ‘frills’’ don’t miss this terrific story. Michael Storme knows what you want and he gives it to you in this fast-moving, blood-racing thriller.

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