Flame (1951)

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Archer Books No.36 1951
Archer Books Digest #36 1951

Adam Danieli, internationally renowned violinist, basked in the adoration of women all over the world. His spell-binding artistry and sophisticated charm made him irresistible to women, but to the great violinist a woman was merely a toy to be used for an hour, a day or a week. Only Paula had survived his parade of women; Paula who had traveled from Poland some years before to study with the master and had stayed to worship and serve him with all the fierce passion of her nature, staying even when he seemed to tire of her.

But the Great Danieli was fated to fall blindly, passionately in love with the one woman whom he could not claim as his own. A ghost of the past, a shameful episode of his youth, was to stand between him and the woman he wanted more than life itself.

This is a story packed with breath-taking emotion, filled with jealousy, hate, love and revenge and the impact with which they affect the lives of all whom they reach. Paul Renin’s masterful style has again produced a pulsating novel of the primitive passions of man vs. woman, which leaves you breathless at its staggering climax.

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Spoiled Lives

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Archer 96, 1952
Archer Books Digest #96 1952
Archer Books No. 96 (1951),  Cover Art by Heade

From the back:

Man loves woman—woman loves man! That is normal. When a man loves three women and they each wan+ to marry him—that is trouble! Somebody usually gets hurt.
Phil Langley is the lucky (?) guy pursued by three beautiful and voluptuous girls: Wendy, Norma and Joan—blonde, redhead and brunette respectively.
Eleven year old Phil, at his father’s deathbed, swears to perform his sacred duty. As the last of a long line of Langley’s he must marry at the earliest possible moment and produce a son and heir. Three gorgeous girls give him a rough time when he tries to make up his mind.
Torn between conflicting desires and loyalties he marries the one who is nothing more than a cheap harlot. She bears him a son—but by another man!
His trials and tribulations and their resolution make a fascinating, fast moving and romantic story.

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