3 thoughts on “Don’t Rock The Boat”

  1. Had a Great Uncle in Omaha that was the business manager of a cigar store front for illegal gambling (1937-1963) and a back door to a prostitution hotel. He had tons of this stuff. Newstands in bus depots and railroad stations had these too. I never was big on pulp art and dime novels. They were so hokey and based on White (American) Male Supremacy. I worked at a Y.MC.A. in high school, was later a Navy Machinist’s Mate and spent a little time as a packinghouse janitor and truck driver. This stuff is largely not reality and the present-day fetish for sailors, cowboys and gangsters is mostly based on this stuff. How would you like to be a person who lives in Nebraska with an agricultural background, but raised in urban Omaha and Lincoln, served in the Navy, had a great uncle with ties to the mob and then read this stuff? The worst part is, a lot of people believe this stuff and they’re disappointed when you don’t live up to their magazine and movie-based delusions. This stuff is entertaining for its ridiculousness, not its validity.

  2. “Dull reality do not sell magazines” would answer any publisher.
    And, as Oscar Wilde put it: “life imitates art far more than art imitates life”.
    3rd cover art signed by John Kutler.

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