Andy Kary, Yankee Hero Of Squadron 60

Men February 1960

Only A Stubborn American In A Beat-Up Bi-Plane Could Block A German Victory In WWII Greece


Shocking Truth About Those Once A Year “Easy Love” Parties

Men 1967 January thumbnail
men-jan-1967 thumbnail
Men 1967 January

Also featuring Showdown In The Garden Of Golden Flesh, Trapped 97 Days Aboard The North Atlantic’s ‘TNT Derelict’, New Wallet-Gouging Tricks Of The Health Insurance Shysters, One-Man War on the Cong’s ‘Mad Bombers’, and I Fought The ‘Body Manglers’ Of Nigeria

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Bring Me A Legionnaire! The Tuareg Women’s Hunt For An All-Male Harem

Men October 1953


Yankee Head-Hunter Of Lost River


Also, The King Who Collects Women


The Thrill Hunters

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Men August 1967 thumbnail
Men August 1967

Also featuring Blood Money ‘Virgin’, New Plot To Double Your Car Insurance Rates, Tormented Women of America’s Hellhole Prison, and Cong-Blasting Ace of the G.I. “Tunnel Wolves”


The Gold Snatchers

The Gold Snatchers, MEN magazine cover thumbnail
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The Gold Snatchers, MEN magazine cover

Also includes My 25-Day Ordeal on the “Raft of the Dying”, and Group Love Confidential: A Husband-Wife Research Team’s Swap Circuit Sin Tour

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