I Fell Into The Lost Cavern

Men October 1955

Also featuring Wildest Sin City Of The Midwest


The Reluctant Headhunter

Men Magazine July 1956

Also, Girls On Parole and The Craziest Ambush Of The Korean War. Cover was later reused for Valor in 1958.


The Blonde Who Rocked The Boat

Men April 1959


Andy Kary, Yankee Hero Of Squadron 60

Men February 1960

Only A Stubborn American In A Beat-Up Bi-Plane Could Block A German Victory In WWII Greece


Shocking Truth About Those Once A Year “Easy Love” Parties

Men 1967 January thumbnail
men-jan-1967 thumbnail
Men 1967 January

Also featuring Showdown In The Garden Of Golden Flesh, Trapped 97 Days Aboard The North Atlantic’s ‘TNT Derelict’, New Wallet-Gouging Tricks Of The Health Insurance Shysters, One-Man War on the Cong’s ‘Mad Bombers’, and I Fought The ‘Body Manglers’ Of Nigeria

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The Blonde on Moscow’s “Blackmail St.”

Men September 1964


Bring Me A Legionnaire! The Tuareg Women’s Hunt For An All-Male Harem

Men October 1953