Girl Trap

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It was a cross-country sex binge, he with other women, his pretty wife with other men…

Cover art was swiped from Campus Affair

From the back:

Hit-and-Run Sex Spree
Pretty little Jean stayed faithful while her husband sneaked into the skirts of women all over the place. He was regularly being slicked, sluiced and sweetened by love-hungry lovelies he picked up on the road …
This shocker of a book gives you all the juicy details. It also tells of Molly, who got her jollies by seducing husbands, then making them tell what they did to their wives in bed. It was Molly who tipped off Jean, finally, to her husband’s harem. Jean was young and full of hot hormones. All she needed was the excuse — of her husband’s frippery to zoom off on a jet-propelled sex ride of her own. Why, she never knew she could be so perverted — or that she would enjoy it so!
A Novel That Astonishes With Its Frank Treatment Of Free-Wheeling Love!

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