Man Trap (1963)

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Midwood F313 1963

Evil to the core, driven by a golden greed, she had a taste for luxury and a talent for pleasure.

From the back:

Harlot In Satin
Her name was Deborah and she knew what she had to offer. She set her sights high and used her body as bait. They gave her money, jewels, furs, and she gave them a brand of excitement they’d never forget.
Her name was Deborah and she could be softly feminine, sleekly sophisticated, wildly wanton, viciously cruel… depending on what kind of a game they wanted to play.
Her name was Deborah and she was as wicked as she was beautiful. Her victims never realized how corrupt a woman could be until it was too late, until they were helplessly caught in the web of her sensuous charms.

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