Brandon House 3068 1969

He’d been beaten and robbed, left to die in a dirty alleyway. Whether or not to go back and learn the truth… or give in to the love of a young man… became his terrifying Hand-Up

From the back:

“I’ve never done this before,” he said. “How do you know,” Matt countered, “when you can’t remember anything about yourself!”
It was true. Horrifyingly true. He knew nothing about his past; who he’d been, if he was married, or even — as Matt suggested — that he’d been a homosexual before. He was now. There was no question about that. He loved Matt so intensely that he was afraid to learn about himself, to find out that maybe he had responsibilities that would take him away from the young man. He wasn’t even sure if he was wanted by the law. But their love was marred daily by that threat and he knew he’d have to face the truth sooner or later — whatever it was.


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