Hideous Secrets Of Hitler’s Mad Doctor of Agony

Man’s Story January 1963 thumbnail
Man's Story January 1963 thumbnail
Man’s Story January 1963
Man's Story January 1963

Not related to Torture Secrets of Hitler’s Mad Doctor of Agony. Also featuring Trapped In A Blizzard Of Mink Clad Nymphos, Love Survey: How Do You Rate?, and I Work The Lust Trick: Confessions Of A Bell Hop

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4 thoughts on “Hideous Secrets Of Hitler’s Mad Doctor of Agony”

    1. Indeed! It sounds like the offspring of an unlikely collaboration between – I dunno – John Waters and Russ Meyer?

  1. A useful tag would be “Black bra+red knickers”. It’s a frequent combination in nazi-inspired pulp mags.

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