Fry In Hell, My Sweet!

Men Today June 1961

Also featuring A Teenage Nympho, Toast The Devil’s Bride With Blood, Keep The Homosexual Out Of Prison, and Baseball’s Biggest Flop — U.S. Players


Shriek, My Little One, On The Devil’s Couch Of Torment!

Man's Story August 1964

Also featuring Beware The Sex Traps Of Vacationing Wives, Summertime Kid Killers Are Gunning For You, and 10 Sure Ways To Become A Big Time Lover


The Nazi Who Turned Europe Into A Slaughter House

Man's Story October 1966


Hitler’s Inferno Of Branded Women!

Man's Action Magazine January 1962

Also, Love Practices Of Immoral Coeds and Lola Hearn’s Flying Bordello!


I Led The Harlot Legion Of Algiers

Men Today September 1962

Also featuring Truck Drivers Are My Meat, Booze And Babes: Twin Teen Terrors, How To Overcome Sex Inferiority, 1,000 Naked Beauties For The Devil’s Plague, The Golden Madame Who Made Torture Big Business, and finally Trapped In A Volcano Of Lust 


The Awesome Rebellion

Man's Day February 1961 thumbnail
Man's Day Magazine February 1961 thumbnail
Man's Day February 1961
Man's Day Magazine February 1961

Also Nine Battling Brides On Shipwreck Island and The Three Mortar-Loving Wars Of “Gunny” Diamond

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I Saved 100 Captive Beauties From The Lust-Mad Butcher Of Oriente

Man's Story Magazine November 1960


Nude Death Orgy Of The Women Crazy Cossacks

Man's True Danger Magazine February 1963


Finding The River Of Gold

Man To Man Magazine September 1960

Finding The River Of Gold was also published in South Sea Stories. Also featuring Leo Doran’s Jungle Harem, Red Hell, and I Was A Nazi Love Slave


Lack Of Self-Control Is Making You Impotent

Men Today Magazine April 1962 thumbnail
Men Today April, 1962 thumbnail
Men Today Magazine April 1962
Men Today April, 1962

I would have titled this post Soft Bodies For Hitler’s Torture Master, but somehow this is the third cover to feature that story!

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Squirm In Hell, My Lovely Muchacha

Man's Story Magazine 1964

Also, Fantastic Sexual Revolution Of The American Wife, Weekends Are For Lust, I Discovered Hitler’s Super Secret Sin Girl Castle, and Self Test: How Really Virile Are You?


Hideous Secrets Of The Nazi Horror Cult

Man's Story Magazine November 1961