The Captive Maidens In The Nazi’s House Of 1,000 Deaths

Man’s Story March 1964

Also featuring Trapped With Castro’s Hell Cats Of Lust, The Middle Ages Tyro Who Wants Your Girl, The Sex Mania Of Working Wives, To Hell With Inhibitions: A Cruise Girl Tells All


A Flaming Kiss For My Liebchen

Man’s Story September 1961

Also featuring My Escape From Castro’s Wild Women Killers, Play By Day, Slay By Night, 10 Sure Ways To Be A Corpse By Labor Day! Fishermen Are Afraid Of Women, Trapped By The Rebel Mistress Of Sin River, and Brides Of Agony For The Undead


A Soft White Throat For The Devil’s Hangman

Man’s Story January 1962

Also featuring Nude Virgin For The Serpents Of Lust, Dig My Grave On Hell’s Island, Only Suckers Bet On Basketball, and Trapped By The Maidens Of Fire And Ice.

Not related to Soft White Body For The Devil’s Hangman.


Damned Beauties Of The Nazi Horror House

Man’s Story April 1963

Also featuring My Wild Escape From The High Priestess Of Passion, Are Your Desires Abnormal? I Belong To A Weekend Lust Club, and Splatter Our Guts On The Devil’s Coast


Nude Queen Of The Communist Cannibals!

Man's Action March 1962

Also, The Vicious Virgins Of Vietnam and Devil-Love Cults Are Invading The U.S.A.


Watch Her Die Screaming, Gringo Dog!

Man's Story September 1965 thumbnail
25669748-Man's_Story,_September_1965._Original_Painting_by_Norm_Eastman._(Oberg_collection)-8x6 thumbnail
Man's Story September 1965

Also includes Suburban Sin and the Teen Age Suicide Epidemic, Exposed — The Tragedy Of America’s Homosexual Army, and Self Test: Have You Mastered The Secret Of Sex Fulfillment?

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Caged Beauties In The Nazi Dungeon Of The Damned

Man’s Story June 1963 thumbnail
Man's Story June 1963 thumbnail
Man’s Story June 1963
Man's Story June 1963

Also, Lust Slave Of The She Wolves Of Transylvania and Why Your Wife Despises You

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The Shackled Nudes In Hitler’s Crypt Of Terror

Man’s Story Magazine December 1963 thumbnail
Man's Story December 1963 thumbnail
Man’s Story Magazine December 1963
Man's Story December 1963

Also, Way Out Kicks Of The Coffee House Sex Cults, Burned Alive In The Devil’s Ice Field, Will Your Wife Be Frigid?, and Girl For Rent — The Gold Coast Vice Doll In Action

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Virgin Brides For Satan’s Orgies

Man’s Escape Magazine December 1963 thumbnail
Man's Escape December 1963 thumbnail
Man’s Escape Magazine December 1963
Man's Escape December 1963

Also Keep The Homosexual Out Of Prison, Chewed Alive By The Winged Horror, Guns — The Number One Sport, and American Woman, You Writhe, Scream And Die!

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Ride The Nazis’ Swing Of Agony, My Little One!

Man's Story November 1964

Somehow, this is not the first cover we have posted featuring The Nazi’s Swing of Agony

Also Are You Man Enough For Your Wife, Beware The Sex Lures Of CoEd Nymphs, and Invitation To Hell — I Joined A Cellar Sin Club


Skewered Alive By The Devil’s Tusts

Men Today November 1963


The Love-Happy Conman Who Outwitted The Gestapo

MAN'S CONQUEST, October 1968


Damned Beauties For The Nazi Horror Museum

MEN TODAY - 1964 12 Dec - Original Norm Eastman-8x6 thumbnail
Men Today December 1964 thumbnail
MEN TODAY - 1964 12 Dec - Original Norm Eastman-8x6
Men Today December 1964

Also featuring I Sell Love Door To Door To Bored Wives and You Men Leave Me Cold: A 21 Year Old Beauty Queen Exposes Your Lousy Love Techniques

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I Fought Hitler’s Special Maiden-Torturing Kommandos

World of Men magazine cover, April 1966 thumbnail
8641340766_00266296f0_o thumbnail
World of Men magazine cover, April 1966

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