Watch Her Die Screaming, Gringo Dog!

Man's Story September 1965 thumbnail
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Man's Story September 1965

Also includes Suburban Sin and the Teen Age Suicide Epidemic, Exposed — The Tragedy Of America’s Homosexual Army, and Self Test: Have You Mastered The Secret Of Sex Fulfillment?

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Ride The Nazis’ Swing Of Agony, My Little One!

Man's Story November 1964

Somehow, this is not the first cover we have posted featuring The Nazi’s Swing of Agony

Also Are You Man Enough For Your Wife, Beware The Sex Lures Of CoEd Nymphs, and Invitation To Hell — I Joined A Cellar Sin Club


Skewered Alive By The Devil’s Tusts

Men Today November 1963


The Love-Happy Conman Who Outwitted The Gestapo

MAN'S CONQUEST, October 1968


Damned Beauties For The Nazi Horror Museum

MEN TODAY - 1964 12 Dec - Original Norm Eastman-8x6 thumbnail
Men Today December 1964 thumbnail
MEN TODAY - 1964 12 Dec - Original Norm Eastman-8x6
Men Today December 1964

Also featuring I Sell Love Door To Door To Bored Wives and You Men Leave Me Cold: A 21 Year Old Beauty Queen Exposes Your Lousy Love Techniques

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I Fought Hitler’s Special Maiden-Torturing Kommandos

World of Men magazine cover, April 1966 thumbnail
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World of Men magazine cover, April 1966

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The Golden Amazon’s Triumph


This book is a sequel to The Golden Amazon, but is not related to Children Of The Golden Amazon or The Golden Amazons Of Venus


Grisly Rites of Hitler’s Monster Flesh Stripper

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Man's Story, March 1965 thumbnail
Man's Story, March 1965

Take “Monster Flesh Stripper” as you will, but they are apparently unrelated to the Strange Rites Of Hitler’s Mad Flesh Stripper

Also look for Can You Survive America’s Sex War? and A Honeymoon in Hell for Satan’s Brides

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Soft Maidens for the Monster’s Devil Fish


This action-packed issue also includes, One Tick to Doom, Brides of Agony in the Caves of Horror, and Love Captive of Castro’s Execution Squad Harlots


Are Your Sex Desires Abnormal?


Nope, that looks completely vanilla.

Also includes I Pay Off in Lust — Confessions of an Orgy Girl, The Golden Nudes For The Mad Nazi Sculptor, and Skewer Our Guts on the Devil’s Stakes, all of which also sound completely non-weird.


The American Male: Why He’s A Sex Freak Out


Also featuring The Truth Behind Today’s Sex Torture Cults, How To Find A Fortune In Buried Treasure, and So Lethal, My Love


Operation Passion: Soft Flesh To Decoy Hitler’s Panzers


Also featuring Revealed: The Swinging Teen Scene, Smash The Sex-Crazed Merchant’s Cult, If You’re Under Thrity You’re A Sexual Misfit, and Secret Love Techniques That Turn A Woman On


Man-Eating Cougars Wanted Our Flesh!


Also featuring Nympho Queens Who Rule The Dreaded Mafia, Bizarre Sex Kicks of those Jet Set He-Men, Kill-Crazy Captain Of Company C, and I Battled The Blood-Hungry Hell-Cultists