The Awesome Rebellion

Man's Day Magazine February 1961

Also Nine Battling Brides On Shipwreck Island and The Three Mortar-Loving Wars Of “Gunny” Diamond


Nude Death Orgy Of The Women Crazy Cossacks

Man's True Danger Magazine February 1963


Finding The River Of Gold

Man To Man Magazine September 1960

Finding The River Of Gold was also published in South Sea Stories. Also featuring Leo Doran’s Jungle Harem, Red Hell, and I Was A Nazi Love Slave


Lack Of Self-Control Is Making You Impotent

Men Today Magazine April 1962

I would have titled this post Soft Bodies For Hitler’s Torture Master, but somehow this is the third cover to feature that story!


Squirm In Hell, My Lovely Muchacha

Man's Story Magazine 1964

Also, Fantastic Sexual Revolution Of The American Wife, Weekends Are For Lust, I Discovered Hitler’s Super Secret Sin Girl Castle, and Self Test: How Really Virile Are You?


The Belgian Beauties In The Nazi Mad Dog Pit Of Terror

World of Men Magazine August 1964

Also, The Hidden Twilight Life Of America’s Million Bisexuals, Are Women Making You A Sex Zombie, and I Blasted Castro’s Top Secret Nympho Spy Ring


Hideous Secrets Of The Nazi Horror Cult

Man's Story Magazine November 1961


I Led The Nazi Nymphos Against The Red Hordes

Man's Story Magazine July 1961

Also, 1,000 Maidens For Satan’s Orgies Of Terror, Talk, My Lovely, Or Beg For Death!, Your Filthy Mind Is Making You Impotent, and I Am Teaching My Son To Fight Dirty


The Inside Story Of Our Reform Schools

All Man Magazine November 1961

Also featuring Sex Drugs Are Flooding America, Slaughter In The Desert, and Vice Girls Of Venice


How I Smashed The Switch-Blade Lust Gang!

PERIL January 1963

Also featuring Farewell Orgy Of The Blood-Mad Foreign Legion, Roman Scandal Of The Nympho Co-Eds, and 17 Nude Models And The Sex-Crazed Camera Bugs!


Nympho JD’s Hayloft Terror

Man's DARING May 1963 thumbnail
Man's Daring Magazine May 1963 thumbnail
Man's DARING May 1963
Man's Daring Magazine May 1963

Also featuring “TNT” Tucker’s Naked Joy Girl Guerilla War Against The Nazi Torturers and Deepfreeze Virgins Of The White Hell

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Secrets Of The Afrika Korps’ Torture Palace

MEN TODAY October 1961