It’s Bedtime, Baby!

Gold Star IL7-15, 1964

Eleven suspects with two things in common. A tattoo on their bottom and a cancelled membership card in a college Virgin’s Club.

From the back:

There were eleven women, seemingly ordinary women now, but in college they
had all belonged to a weird sorority called the Virgin’s Club.
Hank Janson knows one of the women is the brains behind a string of brutal kidnappings — but which one? Was it the hot-blooded beatnik? The voluptuous B-girl whose services were included in the bill? The aging but firm heiress who was always on call or the Senator’s wife, who should have been beyond reproach?
Hank finds the trail getting hotter in more ways than one as he discovers that although all the girls have cancelled their Virgin’s Club membership many times over, one of them is still in good standing at the Murderers’ Union.


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