Kiss My Assassin (The Lady from L.U.S.T. #7)

KISS MY ASSASSIN – Tower 44-160 thumbnail
KISS MY ASSASSIN – Tower 44-160 Back thumbnail
KISS MY ASSASSIN – Tower 44-160
KISS MY ASSASSIN – Tower 44-160 Back

With most spies, a kiss is just a kiss — but with Eve Drum, it’s a deadly weapon

From the back:

The World’s Sexiest Spy Takes Off for sunny Italy to give her beautiful girl-girl all for L.U.S.T.
Here are her orders:
1. Move into a magnificent villa near Naples
2. Spend a million dollars like water, buying lots of groovy micro-clothes from Gucci… Pucci… Flucci… and like that.
3. Throw banquets, parties, barbecues and orgies — the wilder the better, especially the orgies.
4. Kill some people.
5. Stay alive –if you can.
What’s it all about?
Well, at these swinging orgies, a nefarious nest of nasty neo-Nazis come nuzzling up to our nude nymphet. They’re all out of uniform, of course, and thus difficult to spot, but when does a lady spy ever have it soft?
Anyway, these hardened badmen are plotting to take over the world again, and Oh Oh Sex has to take them over with her body first.
And kill them.

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