Kiss The Skull of Death, My Beautiful Muchacha!

25668526-New_Man,_Sept_1965,_original_painting_by_Norman_Saunders_(Oberg_collection)-8x6 thumbnail
25668528-New_Man,_September_1965._Art_by_Norman_Saunders-8x6 thumbnail

Also includes Where Over-Sexed Women Prowl For You, 10 Personality Traits That Cripple You Sexually, and Exposed: Newest Gathering Places For Homosexuals, presumably with a handy map and directions so New Man readers know exactly how to, um, avoid them. Yeah.


One thought on “Kiss The Skull of Death, My Beautiful Muchacha!”

  1. Ha ha ha Kiss the skull of death, my beautiful muchacha…… I know, I know, kinky, isn’t it. But at least it’s better than kissing my hairy arse

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