Rampaging Outlaw Angels And Their Love-Blast “Mamas”

New Man Magazine May 1967

Also, Sin Money Nymph, I Conquered The Headhunters of ‘Blood Hostage Island’, Those High-Handed, Dollar-Gouging Plumbers, and Pinpoint-Bomb The Cong or You’ll Massacre 500 GIs


1,000 Brides for Hitler’s Beast of Horror

New Man April 1964 thumbnail
New Man 04-1964 thumbnail
New Man April 1964
New Man 04-1964

Also featuring The Vice Dolls Of Monte Carlo Who Smashed The Nazi Master Plan, ‘Cry Rape!’ The False Charge That Can Ruin You, and Tonia: The Shocking Saga Of A Lost Angeles Gutter Girl

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Embrace Me And Die, Amerikaner Schweinhund!

New Man Magazine January 1964 thumbnail
New Man January 1964 thumbnail
New Man Magazine January 1964
New Man January 1964

Also featuring The Damned Virgins In The Nomad’s Tent Of Agony, The Italian Playgirl Navy That Smashed The Nazis, and Beware The Lust Trap Of “Experianced” Women

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The Desperate Breakout Of The Silken Nymphs Of Algeria

New Man June 1963 thumbnail
New Man Magazine June 1963 thumbnail
New Man June 1963
New Man Magazine June 1963

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Tonight We Hit The Nazis’ Torture Train 3695

New Man March 1966

Also featuring Sex Fears — How To Deal With Them, Teens On A Tear – The Wild Record Of Sex And Savagery, I Smashed The Viet Cong’s Flesh Palace Of Espionage, and Revealed: The True Horror Of Rape As I Lived It


Tonight We Bushwack The Kraut’s Cargo Of Sin

New Man August 1963

Also featuring The Fantastic Raid On The Nazi’s Desert Brothel, Wrap My Corpse In A Sheet Of Flame, I Want My Wife To Dominate Me, Bound Virgins In The Temple Of Lust and Pvt. Rockland’s Incredible Jap Hating Geisha Army


The Sex Trap Lure Of The Starlet Bombshell

New Man December 1965

It seems “bombshell” is being used here a bit more literally than normal.


Mission Fantastic: Smash Hitler’s Castle Of The Damned

New Man February 1970

Also featuring Teen Lust Cults: America’s Growing Peril, and Sex — How It’s Used As A Secret Weapon That Can Spell Your Doom


Soft Flesh For The Nazi’s Bloody Butcher Of Belsen

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New Man September 1964 thumbnail
New Man September 1964

Also featuring Self Analysis: Are You A Sex Coward? and The Sex Secret No Woman Will Tell You, presumably because you are a sex coward.

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Slaves Of Sin For Castro’s Traveling Torture Master

25668767-New_Man,_November_1964._Original_art_by_Norman_Saunders_(Oberg_collection)-8x6[1] thumbnail
25668766-New_Man,_November_1964._Cover_art_by_Norman_Saunders-8x6 thumbnail

Also featuring Passion Starved Play Girls Are Gunning For You, My Wild 17 Days In Hitler’s Underground Bunker Of Lust, and How The American Sex Tragedy Dooms You


Kiss The Skull of Death, My Beautiful Muchacha!

25668526-New_Man,_Sept_1965,_original_painting_by_Norman_Saunders_(Oberg_collection)-8x6 thumbnail
25668528-New_Man,_September_1965._Art_by_Norman_Saunders-8x6 thumbnail

Also includes Where Over-Sexed Women Prowl For You, 10 Personality Traits That Cripple You Sexually, and Exposed: Newest Gathering Places For Homosexuals, presumably with a handy map and directions so New Man readers know exactly how to, um, avoid them. Yeah.


Hitler’s Hideous Harem Of Agony

25176998-NEW_MAN,_August_1967_-_original_painting_by_Mel_Crair-8x6 thumbnail
25176994-NEW_MAN,_August_1967_-_cover_by_Mel_Crair-8x6 thumbnail

Also featuring, How Cigarette Smoking Kills Your Potency, Treatment For Teen Savages — A One-Way Trip To Hell, Expose: Sex Is Driving Girls Berserk — What’s Behind Their “Must” Desires?, and “I Was The King Of Passion Island”


Crawl, My Lovely, Before The Mongolian Monster Of Agony!


Also featuring Latest Lust Kicks of Suburbia’s Kinky Set, Horror House of Satan’s Doomed Angels, I Sell Special Treatments, and Exposed — The Sex Death Wish of Teenagers


Ride the Nazi’s Swing of Agony, Lovely Maiden

20131263-New Man - 1968 04 April - Cover by Basil Gogos

Also featuring Beware the Lust Traps of the She Wolves, Walk Into Death At Hell’s Crossroads, Shocking Scandal of Suburbia’s Strange Wives, Golden Nudes of the Monster Wizard, and my personal favorite, Fantastic Love War of the West’s Mother-Daughter Team.