Lust Pad

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Nightstand Books NB1639 - Lust Pad (1963) thumbnail
Nightstand Books NB1639 - 1963
Nightstand Books NB1639 - Lust Pad (1963)

Sin Paid The Rent In This — Lust Pad

From the back:

Thai’s the Greenwich Village credo — leave no sins unturned. If you’re a Beat chick with hip-ways, you learn that fast and there are plenty of wine-guzzling, passion-talking, pot-blowing studs around to show you a thousand different sin-ways to be a wanton. If you don’t go for the regular sins, the supply of twisted hungers is never exhausted, and the one sure way to become a lust legend is to invent a few new ones! So dreg out the bongos and steal another gallon of wine — the lust Man’s here with those con-science-killing lust-smokes, and it’s light up for —


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