Man Crazy

Beacon Books B471F, 1962

Brutal men started the sisters down — and they chose to keep right on going. Were they after excitement? Did they need the money? Or were they… Man Crazy
A Probing Novel Of The Fevered Blood That Leads Teenagers Into Trouble!

From the back:

Were They Out To Satisfy Men-or Their Own Wild Urges?
Sober or drunk, grown men would stop and stare at teen-age Annie Lou and her equally bewitching sister, Susie… until the day an uncle saw Annie Lou and could not stop the madness she aroused in him. After that, both girls knew their bodies could bring undreamed riches… if used to exploit a man’s baser desires… Would that be so hard to do?
For These Two Girls It Was Easy… Real Easy!

This entire book can be downloaded here


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