March Of The Flame Marauders



Jimmy Christopher — known to a few as Operator 5 of the Secret Service — had forseen the dark day when oil, the black blood of commerce, would be exhausted. Now it was needed desperately to fuel American airplanes, tanks and battleships; it was as essential as men or arms in our battle to the death with a greedy foreign power which had learned our grim secret and was determined to conquer us…

While the forces of defense clamor loudly for oil; while the life of a nation is paralyzed for the lack of it, skilled saboteurs, insidious agents of the enemy wantonly destroy our small, precious remaining store! What strategem — where the leaders of the nation are plunged in despair –can Jimmy Christopher evolve to save his native land from slavery and utter doom?


2 thoughts on “March Of The Flame Marauders”

  1. I am amazed at whoever has posted this amazing collection of pulp images. Must be terribly time consuming. Are you also responsible for cleaning up the scratches and tears on what seems like a large amount of these pics? Anyway, as I said before, amazing! Thanks again.

  2. It is very time consuming, but the only edits I make to the images is cropping and very rarely rotating them to square.

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