The Three Yanks Who Cleaned Out Japan’s Pillbox Atoll

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There’s No Home (Original Title: The Wine Of Etna)


Women without Men — Men without Wives
A tender earthy interlude in the lull of war


Yank Skipper Who Led Sumatra’s Riverboat Oil Pirates

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For Men Only September 1965

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The Bloody Forty-Five Days

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Operator #5 October 1936

America, last citadel of freedom and democracy in the world, has made a valiant but futile stand against the ravening war hordes of the cruel conqueror, Rudolph I, the man whose super fighting machine is ruthlessly putting the nations of civilized men in thrall. Daily mass executions of men and women — even children — on the Eastern seaboard, are but one of the diabolical means of bringing the surviving patriots to heel.

But there is one band who will never yield, who grimly say: “Death before dishonor!” Their leader, Jimmy Christopher, known to them as Operator 5, realizes that only one bold, desperate move can furnish his fellow American s with the thundering fleet of air destroyers with which alone they can hope to save their country. Grimly, quickly, silently, he sets his plan into action!

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Black Beret Raid On The Viet Cong Nitro-Navy

For Men Only April 1967

Also featuring The Passionate Spy, New Jersey’s Shocking Wife-Swap Murder, and Blonde With The Lucky Legs


Drums Of Destruction

Operator #5 - July-August 1937

Civilization, already weakened by months of bloody conflict, begins to crumble — as Operator #5’s growing army of volunteer patriot at last starts to drive the Purple Invader back toward the Mississippi!