Nautipuss, paperback cover, 1965 thumbnail
Ember Library #EL-309 1965 thumbnail
Ember Library 309 1965 thumbnail
1965 Ember EL 309 thumbnail
Nautipuss, paperback cover, 1965
Ember Library #EL-309 1965
Ember Library 309 1965
1965 Ember EL 309

Agent 0008 Battles The Temptress Of The Deep!

From the back:

It was the most difficult assignment of killer agent 0008’s career. For he must succumb to the ravishing demands of the most evil woman of all time — the diabolical sex goddess — Captain Demo, whose insatiable band of female slaves formed a prison of flesh aboard the — Nautipuss

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6 thoughts on “Nautipuss”

  1. In these “Shelter-at-Home” times, THIS is the type of entertainment that will get us through it.

    I just want to meet the designer of those uniforms. I mean, if you are the “The most evil woman of all time” then making your crew wear THAT in a submarine would seal the title.

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