Nautipuss, paperback cover, 1965 thumbnail
Ember Library #EL-309 1965 thumbnail
Ember Library 309 1965 thumbnail
1965 Ember EL 309 thumbnail
Nautipuss, paperback cover, 1965
Ember Library #EL-309 1965
Ember Library 309 1965
1965 Ember EL 309

Agent 0008 Battles The Temptress Of The Deep!

From the back:

It was the most difficult assignment of killer agent 0008’s career. For he must succumb to the ravishing demands of the most evil woman of all time — the diabolical sex goddess — Captain Demo, whose insatiable band of female slaves formed a prison of flesh aboard the — Nautipuss

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0008 Meets Gnatman

Leisure Books #LB-1140 1966

In The Pop Battle Of The Century

The G-Bomb — 30 million megatons of TNT — would atomize Gothic City and blow the planet to bits unless SNIDE’s suicidal teen-age swingers were stopped dead! In desperation SADISTO called in the Cloaked Crusader, unaware what lust jammed adventures would occur when…0008 Meets Gnatman


Sadisto Royale

Ember Library #EL-325 1966 thumbnail
1966 Leisure EL 325 thumbnail
Ember Library #EL-325 1966
1966 Leisure EL 325

Killer-Agent 0008 Faces Ecstasy And Peril In The Diabolical Sin-Game Of Sensovision

From the back:

SENSOVISION — Mankind’s greatest boon, the ultimate in entertainment, or… the end of everything. Its mad exploiter had no scruples; the profits would make him the richest man alive. Secret agent 0008 was the only barrier, and he was already strapped in place, the electrodes applied to his brain as the mad-man recorded every moment of — Sadisto Royale


Our Girl From Mephisto

Ember Library Book EL305, 1965 thumbnail
Ember Library #EL-305 1965 thumbnail
Ember Library Book EL305, 1965
Ember Library #EL-305 1965

Lover And Killer, 0008 Faced The Sin And Terror Of TATU In The Arms Of — Our Girl From Mephisto

From the back:

TATU was a teen-age plot to toke over the world. To stop this sin rampage, secret agent 0008 teamed up with the most beautiful female killer the Soviets could find. For this was a crisis more lethal than a hot war. Thus did 0008 — peerless lover, fearless killer — welcome the body and the bullets of Galina — Our Girl From Mephisto

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Ember Library 309 thumbnail
Ember library #EL-321 1966 thumbnail
35862814-gamefinger_0000 thumbnail
Ember Library 309
Ember library #EL-321 1966

Agent 0008 Battles The Roman Sin Hordes Of — Gamefinger

From the back:

In Eros Island’s modern Coliseum, lusty men and voluptuous girls stoically massacred each other while the TV cameras captured every bloody scene… Meanwhile, the rocket experts readied the pirate satellites that would soon broadcast the spectacles of slaughter to every nation on earth… still, 0008 waited for the signal that would mean the end of the mad genius that had created Roman Games ’66, the man called Gamefinger

You can download this complete novel here

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The Desdamona Affair

35873002-desdamonacover thumbnail
Ember Library 317 1966 thumbnail
Ember Library 317 1966

Lover-Killer 0008 Meets The Wanton Of All Time In — The Desdamona Affair

From the back:

Menaced by the War on Poverty, SADISTO is poverty stricken! 0008’s career of wanton seduction and assassination is ended… unless he bags a fortune stolen by the international mystery woman of the jet set, ravishingly sadistic D. Eva de Struxion, who alone holds the key to modern science’s most fantastic breakthrough — a secret every agent in the world hungers for… SADISTO’s darkest hour became the Desdamona Affair

This entire book can be downloaded here

The Merciless Mermaids

40868894-Merciless1966 thumbnail
Leisure Book #LB-1159 1966 thumbnail
Leisure Book #LB-1159 1966

Agent 0008 Dives Into The Voluptuous Peril Of… The Merciless Mermaids

 From the back:

A mad medical genius had declared war to the death with the Navy … and he was ready to unleash his diabolical Merciless Mermaids for control of the oceans. He already had mastered the monsters of the deep — SUPER SQUIDS — and only 0008 stood in his way…

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