Nude Running

Monarch 331- 1963

She Was A Power-Hungry Woman Who Used Love As A Weapon

From the back:

drove Steve Temple back to Reesville to fight Mona Alcott, the “lady” D.A., who sent his father to prison eight years before.
was the keynote of Mona’s powerful political machine, and she used very unladylike means to enforce her rule. Steve was determined to stop her in any way he could —in spite of the fact he was falling for Mona’s naive young daughter, Laurie. Joining forces with reform candidate Luther Kelso, Steve started a campaign aimed at Mona’s greatest sources of revenue—girls, gambling and gin. But Steve didn’t count on Mona’s insatiable thirst for money and power.
With her political ambition threatened, Mona proved she wasn’t a lady but a tiger—ready to offer her own daughter as a sacrificial lamb to protect her empire of sin.


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