One For The Money (Original Title: Black Wings Has My Angel)

Berkley Medallion Y658 1962

Virginia would walk through fire to get her hands on the long, cool green.

From the back:

Tim met her one night in a flea-bitten Southern hotel. Virginia—the girl with the golden blonde tresses and violet eyes, the elegant manner and figure to match. He was wearing only a bath-towel at the time—and he didn’t leave the hotel for three days … He didn’t intend to let Virginia in on his fool-proof plan for a big heist, but he couldn’t get her out of his skin, couldn’t leave her behind. They had a lot in common—a need for money and each other.
Together, they worked out every detail of the armored car job, scouted it for months until it was letter-perfect. And it was… almost. Until Tim saw the greedy look in Virginia’s eyes as she touched the cool, crisp bills. Then he shivered a little because he knew that nothing could come between Virginia and a hundred grand—except the grave…


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