Case Of The Deadly Tease

For Men Only Magazine cover by Charles Copeland September 1963 thumbnail
For Men Only Magazine September 1963 thumbnail
For Men Only September 1963 thumbnail
For Men Only Magazine cover by Charles Copeland September 1963
For Men Only Magazine September 1963
For Men Only September 1963

Also featuring Tijuana: Anything-Goes Vice Mill

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The Scandalous Mate-Swapping Six

Action for Men July 1966

Also, Offshore Make-Out Joy Girls and How To Measure Your Date’s Sexual Drive


One For The Money (Original Title: Black Wings Has My Angel)

Berkley Medallion Y658 1962

Virginia would walk through fire to get her hands on the long, cool green.

From the back:

Tim met her one night in a flea-bitten Southern hotel. Virginia—the girl with the golden blonde tresses and violet eyes, the elegant manner and figure to match. He was wearing only a bath-towel at the time—and he didn’t leave the hotel for three days … He didn’t intend to let Virginia in on his fool-proof plan for a big heist, but he couldn’t get her out of his skin, couldn’t leave her behind. They had a lot in common—a need for money and each other.
Together, they worked out every detail of the armored car job, scouted it for months until it was letter-perfect. And it was… almost. Until Tim saw the greedy look in Virginia’s eyes as she touched the cool, crisp bills. Then he shivered a little because he knew that nothing could come between Virginia and a hundred grand—except the grave…


How To Get A Babe In The Woods

May 1957 Swank thumbnail
Swank Magazine May 1957 thumbnail
Swank May 1957 thumbnail
May 1957 Swank
Swank Magazine May 1957
Swank May 1957

Also, Those Witchy Girls Of Greenwich Village

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Havana Joy Girl Who Became A Guerrilla Queen

True Action December 1960


Shocking Truth About Those Once A Year “Easy Love” Parties

Men 1967 January thumbnail
men-jan-1967 thumbnail
Men 1967 January

Also featuring Showdown In The Garden Of Golden Flesh, Trapped 97 Days Aboard The North Atlantic’s ‘TNT Derelict’, New Wallet-Gouging Tricks Of The Health Insurance Shysters, One-Man War on the Cong’s ‘Mad Bombers’, and I Fought The ‘Body Manglers’ Of Nigeria

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Male Annual 1971

Male Annual 1971

Featuring Satan’s Cycle Angels, Coyotes Are Breaking Into Our Home!, Swamp Nymph, Spy Drop In The Nazi’s Top Secret Joy House, and Are UFO Attacks Behind Air Crashes… Power Failures… Earthquakes…


A Woman’s Wants

Beacon Signal B606-FK

Schoolteacher Lauri Richards Repressed Her Blazing Passion Until She Let The Bars Down At The Dude Ranch Resort


Don’t Be A Sucker For Auto Gyps

Complete Man February 1967 thumbnail
CompleteMan1967-02p01 thumbnail
CompleteMan1967-02p12-13 thumbnail
CompleteMan1967-02p26-27 thumbnail
Complete Man February 1967

This entire issue can be downloaded here


The Friendship Club


It Was A Playground For Adultery! 
The couples came from varied backgrounds – but they had one thought in common – VARIETY WAS THE SPICE OF WIFE!
A Novel Based On The Behind-The-Scenes Account Of The Real Purpose Of Many “Friendship” Clubs — And Their Operations!

From The Back:

Take A Townful Of Repressed Married Couples, Add A Jigger Of Sex And A Dash Of Boredom, Then Shake Vigorously!
The city of Brighton, population 50,000, was just ripe for a unique kind of community center where a man could really get to know his neighbor’s wife-with her husband’s full permission, of course! Brighton was seething with adventuresome young couples like-
RUTH CASE and RUDY Rudy was out for half the wives in Brighton. He figured the only way he could prove his bedroom prowess was by establishing the right sort of “fellowship” club. Ruth went along for the ride. The idea of a dozen eager husbands was very much to her liking
SALLY ADAMS and BOB Although still young, Bob and Sally were already married so long that their respective anatomies yielded no more spice or surprise. They became charter members of Rudy’s new club-and even introduced a few by-laws of their own. But Sally didn’t know till later that the rules allowed a Lesbian on the loose
LILA CORY and BRUCE Bruce was violent in his love-making, hut Lila knew only too well how to handle this type. As a child she was abused by a friend of her father, and later she learned about a gentler sort of love at a fashionable girl’s school. When Lila wanted to play swap for Sally, the club members realized that wife-trading had gone too far! 
What happens to married folks after the honeymoon excitement wears off? This new novel describes the convenient solution worked out by three daring couples!


No-Limit Hustlers Of Sin Spree Island

Complete Man October 1966

Also featuring The Nymph With Too Many Lovers, $120,000,000 Sunken Treasure, and Florida’s Kicks-And-Kill Blonde


Wicked Woman (Original Title: End Of The Road)

Berkley Book # G-185 1958 thumbnail
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Berkley Book # G-185 1958

A vivid, uninhibited, frank-spoken novel about a modern wife who defied all conventions.

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